So the other night, my lovely roomie says to me, “Katemonster,” she says. “While I love my fingerless skeleton gloves,” and as well she should, they are awesome, “they’re not really working out for typing.”

Why is she typing while wearing gloves, you ask? Well, it’s got to that point in the Chicago winter where it seems the cold has seeped into the house and the furnace simply cannot keep up. Anyway, she says “How much of a bribe would it take to get you to knit me some MITTS for the job?”

Bribe, schmibe. I pulled her over to the stash, dug around a bit, and found something that I thought would work well and that I had enough of. I had enough in four different colors, because it was Malabrigo Silky Merino and I love that yarn like I love little else. She picked a color, I wound the yarn and then yesterday I cast on at about 2:30. I was done by 4:30.

No pattern, I just made it up in my own head. It’s Silky Merino held double and then knit on US 4 dpns, because if these babies see some use, that Malabrigo would pill like a mofo if I didn’t knit it tight. 10 rounds of 2x2 rib knit in the round, then stockinette knit flat, just for funsies and to make the thumb hole eaiser, then joined back up in the round for twenty more rounds of ribbing. Easy as pie, and when i brought them out to my dear roomie, she whips them right on her hands, smiles and says “Ooh! Fancy!”

While I’d say they’re more functional than fancy, I do think they’re nice, and I hope they do the job! :D

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    I was looking for a fingerless mitten pattern and yours is PERFECT! Thank you for posting! They look great!
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    Look what my roomie made for me! And they ARE fancy. I knit scarves. Scarves that only require one to cast on and then...
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